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Correlates of Neighborhood Environment With Walking Among Older Asian Americans (Journal of Aging and Health)

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California Health Interview Survey; 2003 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS 2003); Asian; Physical Activity

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CHIS Journal Article

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This study examined the associations between neighborhood factors and walking among older Asian Americans. Using the 2003 California Health Interview Survey, our sample included 1,045 older adults aged 55 and above representing five Asian groups: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Zero-inflated negative binomial regression models were used to test the association between neighborhood factors and walking.

The study found that Asian older adults overall walked considerably more than White seniors. Higher neighborhood cohesion was associated with more walking among some groups but not all. Association between other neighborhood factors and walking varied among the ethnic groups. Health promotion policies and programs should be strategically tailored for specific ethnic groups to more effectively promote PA among older Asian Americans.


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Policy Brief: Correlates of Neighborhood Environment With Walking Among Older Asian Americans

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