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Evaluation of the Achievable Health Center

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Access to Health Care; Dental/Oral Health; Managed Care; Persons with Disabilities

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Research Report

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​The Achievable Health Center (Achievable) was licensed as a community health center in September 2013 to deliver integrated and patient-centered care to individuals with developmental disabilities and in response to a dramatic growth in this population over the past decade. Achievable addresses a significant gap for individuals with developmental disabilities who have limited access to the unique blend of services required to address their complex and intensive health care needs. Achievable is co-located with the Westside Regional Center (WRC) in Culver City and an adult dental practice that provides care to this patient population.

Achievable received a grant from the L.A. Care Health Plan to establish its operations and provide culturally-appropriate, accessible, affordable, comprehensive, coordinated, high quality health services to individuals with developmental disabilities. This report assesses the progress of Achievable towards the six specific goals identified under this grant by the end of the first year of operations.

This report was supported by funds received from the L.A. Care Health Plan.


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Report: Evaluation of the Achievable Health Center

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