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Migration and Health: Profile of Latin Americans in the United States

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Access to Health Care; Adolescents/Children; Elderly; Immigrant; Racial and Ethnic Groups; Hispanic/Latino; Low-Income; Barriers to/Disparities in Health Care; Health Insurance Coverage and Programs; Diabetes; Mental and Emotional Health

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In recent years, international migration has been characterized by increased intensity and greater diversity. From 2010 to 2014, about 17.5 million people born in Latin America were living in the U.S. -- 11.8 million from Mexico, 3.1 million from Central America and 2.6 million from South America.

The report is divided into four sections: the first addresses the sociodemographic characteristics of the migrant population; the second covers access to medical insurance; the third explores three main health issues: diabetes mellitus, mental illness and issues affecting the elderly; the final section discusses joint actions for the health care of migrants and their families in the U.S.


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Report: Migration and Health: Profile of Latin Americans in the United States

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