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Prediabetes in California: Nearly Half of California Adults on Path to Diabetes

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Diabetes; Racial and Ethnic Groups; Chronic Condition Prevalence; Screening for Early Disease Detection; Diet and Nutrition; Obesity/Overweight; Physical Activity; California Health Interview Survey

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Policy Brief

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In California, more than 13 million adults (46 percent of all adults in the state) are estimated to have prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes. An additional 2.5 million adults have diagnosed diabetes. Altogether, 15.5 million adults (55 percent of all California adults) have prediabetes or diabetes. Although rates of prediabetes increase with age, rates are also high among young adults, with one-third of those ages 18-39 having prediabetes.

In addition, rates of prediabetes are disproportionately high among young adults of color, with more than one-third of Latino, Pacific Islander, American Indian, African-American, and multiracial Californians ages 18-39 estimated to have prediabetes. Policy efforts should focus on reducing the burden of prediabetes and diabetes through support for prevention and treatment.
This study uses data from the 2013-14 California Health Interview Survey.


Article 1

Policy Brief: Prediabetes in California: Nearly Half of California Adults on Path to Diabetes

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Fact sheet and key findings

Article 3

Policy recommendations

Article 4

Diabetes facts

Article 5

Living with diabetes

Article 6

Prediabetes and diabetes rates by county

Article 7

Prediabetes study spokespersons and experts

Article 8

Adults Diagnosed with Diabetes and Estimated to Have Prediabetes by Age Group

Article 9

Adults Esimated to Have Prediabetes by Race or Ethnicity and Age Group

Article 10

Adults Estimated to Have Prediabetes by County or County Group and Age

Article 11

Adults Estimated to Have Prediabetes by Los Angeles County Service Planning Area and Age

Article 12

Adults Estimated to Have Prediabetes by San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency Region and Age

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