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The Use of On-Site Visits to Assess Compliance and Implementation of Quality Management at Hospital Level (International Journal of Quality in Health Care)

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Access to Health Care; Use of Health Services; Health Care Delivery System; Managed Care; Safety Net Providers

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Journal Article

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​Stakeholders of hospitals often lack standardized tools to assess compliance with quality management strategies and the implementation of clinical quality activities in hospitals. Such assessment tools, if easy to use, could be helpful to hospitals, health-care purchasers and health-care inspectorates. The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of two newly developed tools for measuring compliance with process-oriented quality management strategies and the extent of implementation of clinical quality strategies at the hospital level.

The authors developed and tested two measurement instruments that could be used during on-site visits by trained external surveyors to calculate a Quality Management Compliance Index (QMCI) and a Clinical Quality Implementation Index (CQII). Authors used psychometric methods and the cross-sectional data to explore the factor structure, reliability and validity of each of these instruments.
The sample consisted of 74 acute care hospitals selected at random from each of 7 European countries.
Overall, the indices demonstrated favorable psychometric performance based on factor analysis, item correlations, internal consistency and hypothesis testing. Cronbach's alpha was acceptable for the scales of the QMCI and the CQII. Inter-scale correlations revealed that the scales were positively correlated, but distinct. All scales added sufficient new information to each main index to be retained.
This study has produced two reliable instruments that can be used during on-site visits to assess compliance with quality management strategies and implementation of quality management activities by hospitals in Europe and perhaps other jurisdictions.


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Journal Article: The Use of On-Site Visits to Assess Compliance and Implementation of Quality Management at Hospital Level

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