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The Status of Evaluation and Research on Effective Interventions Serving Boys and Men of Color

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Access to Health Care; Adolescents/Children; Health Status and Conditions; Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Issues; Mental and Emotional Health

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Chandler's Life Course Framework for Improving the Lives of Boys and Men of Color calls out environmental and experiential factors that interactively shape both human development and life course outcomes. These factors are especially critical for children from ages 5 to 12 years, when structural advantages in cognitive and socioemotional skills as well as school readiness in reading, writing, and math are shaped by families, neighborhoods, and public systems, such as nearby libraries and safe spaces to play. Notwithstanding this constellation of factors, schools, however, are paramount. In this field scan, authors reviewed the following health-based interventions conducted in schools: 1) General health improvement programs; 2) Physical activity and nutrition programs; 3) Asthma management; 4) School-based health centers; 5) School-based mental health services

For each type of intervention, authors identified recent systematic literature reviews that summarize the evidence on the efficacy of that intervention. When applicable, authors also conducted limited searches of relevant literature for studies with publication dates more recent than the systematic reviews.
The Atlantic Philanthropies, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Marguerite Casey Foundation, WK Kellogg Foundation, and members of the Executives’ Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color supported this evaluation report.
This publication is part of a collection of eight field scans that review literature in a specific discipline that influences the future of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans. Those disciplines are education, health, human services and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development. Each field scan includes an exploration of interventions and recommendations.  


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Report: The Status of Evaluation and Research on Effective Interventions Serving Boys and Men of Color

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