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California Mental Health Older Adult System of Care Project Deliverable 4 Report: Focus Groups

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Access to Health Care; Family, Caregiving and Parental Issues; Adult; Elderly; Mental and Emotional Health; Chronic Condition Prevalence

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Research Report

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This report contains detailed information about the focus groups that were conducted as part of the California Mental Health Older Adult System of Care Project. The two-year study assessed older adult mental health care service delivery in six counties through key informant interviews with administrators, county-contracted providers, and consumers of county mental health services. Specifically, stakeholders were interviewed about their views on facilitators for implementing an integrated and comprehensive system of mental health care for older adults and also on strategies for overcoming barriers to implementation. 

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Report: California Mental Health Older Adult System of Care Project Deliverable 4 Report: Focus Groups

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Funder: California Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission

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