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Change in BMI Distribution over a 24-Year Period and Associated Socioeconomic Gradients: A Quantile Regression Analysis (Obesity)

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Adult; Obesity/Overweight; General Health; Low-Income

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Journal Article

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This study assessed the change in body mass index (BMI) distribution among 18‐ or 19‐year‐olds in Norway over 24 years. It also investigated parallel changes in the distribution of birth weight and in the association between birth weight and later risk of overweight and/or obesity. Parental educational variations in the trends and associations were explored.

The study used data on 606,832 male military conscripts enlisted between 1985 and 2008. Quantile regression was used to assess the temporal change in BMI and birth weight distribution. The association between birth weight and overweight and/or obesity at age 18 or 19 years was quantified by using logistic regression.

Authors found:

  • Increases in BMI over time were found namely in the 90th, 95th, 97th, and 99th percentiles.
  • Socioeconomic differences in this increase were documented in the 75th to 97th percentiles. The distribution of birth weight and the association between birth weight and the risk of overweight and/or obesity at age 18 or 19 years remained stable over time.

Authors conclude the difference in the increase in BMI between low and high percentiles indicates the limited role of mean BMI in reflecting population changes. The results suggest a need to focus on those with low socioeconomic position in the upper ends of the BMI distribution to combat increasing disparities in obesity-related outcomes.



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Journal Article: Change in BMI Distribution over a 24-Year Period and Associated Socioeconomic Gradients: A Quantile Regression Analysis

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