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Improving Outcomes of Care for HRSA-Funded Health Center Patients Who Have Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use Disorders (Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research)

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Access to Health Care; Mental and Emotional Health; Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Issues

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Journal Article

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The rising prevalence of mental health conditions and substance use disorders (MH/SUD) underscores the important role of health centers (HCs) in caring for low-income and uninsured MH/SUD patients. This study used the 2014 Health Center Patient Survey and 2014 Uniform Data System to determine the independent association between delivery of MH/SUD integration and related interventions to 2,714 patients that reported a MH/SUD condition with the number of HC visits, emergency department (ED) visits, and hospitalizations last year.

Results showed:

  • Health education was associated with fewer predicted ED visits (1.8 vs. 2.3) and lower likelihood of hospitalizations (16% vs. 24%) among MH patients.
  • Medical enabling services were associated with lower rates of ED visits (0.3 vs.1.9) and hospitalizations (< 1% vs. 13%) among SUD patients.

The results indicate the utility of integration and related intervention services in primary care settings to improve service use and reduce ED and hospitalization among MH/SUD patients.


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Journal Article: Improving Outcomes of Care for HRSA-Funded Health Center Patients Who Have Mental Health Conditions and Substance Use Disorders

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