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Health of California's Adults, Adolescents and Children: Findings from CHIS 2001

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Barriers to/Disparities in Health Care; Screening for Early Disease Detection; Use of Health Services; 2001 CA Health Interview Survey (CHIS 2001); Cost and Utilization Studies; Costs of Specific Medical and Public Health Interventions; Risk-Adjusted Outcomes; Costs of Care for the Uninsured; Employment-based coverage; Healthy Families(SCHIP) State Children's Health Insurance Program; Managed Care; Medicaid/Medi-Cal; Medicare; Uninsured; Diet and Nutrition; Health Behaviors; Chronic Condition Prevalence; Asthma; Cancer; Diabetes; Uninsured; Women; Adolescents/Children; Racial and Ethnic Groups; Survey Research; Access to Health Care; Health Care Economics; Health Status and Conditions; Health Insurance Coverage and Programs; Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Issues; Population Focus; Research Methods; Data Sources

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Research Report

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This report summarizes selected findings from the 2001 California Health Interview Survey. A broad range of health topics are addressed. The report is organized by topic area and shows findings in easy-to-read, uniform tables. For each topic, results are presented by gender, age group, race/ethnicity, income level, and health insurance status. Additional tables show findings for several Asian ethnic groups, and for both urban and rural American Indian/Alaska Natives. This report is an excellent public health reference for California and compares California's population to the relevant Healthy People 2010 Objectives established for the nation. In addition to this state-level report, corresponding county-level and regional-level tables are available online at the website for the California Health Interview Survey. These local data are presented in topics that match the publication for easy reference. 


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