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A Profile of Federally Funded Health Centers Serving a Higher Proportion of Uninsured Patients

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Barriers to/Disparities in Health Care; Use of Health Services; Costs of Care for the Uninsured; Uninsured; Uninsured; Access to Health Care; Health Care Economics; Health Insurance Coverage and Programs; Population Focus

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This study examines the characteristics of health centers that serve an unusually high rate of uninsured patients. It explores what external factors influence uninsured patients to seek care at these centers and assesses the impact of a disproportionately high volume of uninsured patients on these centers' finances and operations. Interviews were conducted with ten randomly selected health centers serving high proportions of uninsured patients. These interviews focused on the external factors associated with uninsured patients seeking care at the centers, and assessed the impact of high loads of uninsured patients on these centers’ financial and operational situation.


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