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An Analysis of Implementation Issues Relating to CHIP Cost-Sharing Provisions for Certain Targeted Low-Income Children

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Cost and Utilization Studies; Costs of Care for the Uninsured; Uninsured; Healthy Families(SCHIP) State Children's Health Insurance Program; Diet and Nutrition; Health Behaviors; Obesity/Overweight; Adolescents/Children; Health Care Economics; Health Insurance Coverage and Programs; Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Issues; Population Focus

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This analysis, prepared for the Health Care Financing Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration, examines issues that arise under laws designed to avert excessive cost-sharing in the case of low income families whose children participate in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). High cost-sharing has been shown to significantly affect children's participation in insurance programs, as well as their utilization of health services. As a result, the Federal CHIP legislation, while permitting cost-sharing under certain circumstances, also places limitations on the total amount of cost-sharing to which families can be exposed for services covered by State CHIP plans.


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