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The CHIS Data Access Center provides Data Estimate Requests (DER) typically at no cost for approximate point estimates or simple health characteristics of a population. These services are limited to 1-2 tables of data estimates and are available for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, the media, and other entities interested in health issues. DERs may not be used for the purpose of research, as a major descriptive analysis of a health care or health care access issue. DERs also cannot be used to test hypotheses or critically assess factors contributing to health status or behaviors. In addition, variables that qualify for a DER should not be readily available in AskCHIS or the Public Use Files.


Some data estimate requests, such as small area estimations, will require a payment for time and efforts. In these cases, a cost estimate must be developed based on a submitted Scope of Work before work can begin on generating estimates. The Data Access Center will coordinate the arrangement on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of DERs

Data estimates from CHIS may be used to contribute to any of the following for the purpose of improving health in California:

  • Administrative, program, or policy planning;
  • Community-based reports that describe health characteristics of a specific population;
  • Support of applications for grants, fellowships, or similar, where by an individual or organization may not have funding at the moment to conduct his/her own research, but is using the estimate to seek funding;
  • Support of news or media stories on health-related topics;
  • To provide information to past, present, or potential CHIS funders and their constituents;
  • Other reasons that support and inform efforts to improve the health of Californians.
Note: The Data Disclosure Advisory Committee (DDAC) and the Data Disclosure Review Committee (DDRC) do not need to be involved in data estimate requests since these estimates do not fall within the definition of research; however, if one individual requires multiple data estimates, this may require submission of a DAC application, and therefore the work should be done and billed as a DAC project.


Please send a qualifying application and your scope of work (if necessary) to the Data Access Center: