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Towards Universal Health Coverage: Lessons from 10 Years of Healthcare Reform in China (BMJ Global Health)

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Health Care Delivery System; Low-Income; Health Care Reform

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Journal Article

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Summary: Universal health coverage (UHC) is driving the global health agenda. Many countries have embarked on national policy reforms towards this goal, including China. In 2009, the Chinese government launched a new round of healthcare reform towards UHC, aiming to provide universal coverage of basic health care by the end of 2020. The year of 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of China's most recent healthcare reform. Sharing China's experience is especially timely for other countries pursuing reforms to achieve UHC. This study describes the social, economic and health context in China, and then reviews the overall progress of healthcare reform (1949 to present), with a focus on the most recent (2009) round of health care reform.

Findings: The study comprehensively analyses key reform initiatives and major achievements according to four aspects: health insurance system, drug supply and security system, medical service system and public health service system. Lessons learned from China may have important implications for other nations, including continued political support, increased health financing and a strong primary healthcare system as basis.

Authors systematically and comprehensively assessed health care reform in the past decade moving towards UHC in China, including evolution, initiatives and achievements. The lessons learned from China could help other nations improve UHC in sustainable and adaptive ways, including continued political support, increased health financing and a strong primary health care system as basis. The experience of the rapid development of UHC in China can provide a valuable mode for countries (mainly low- and middle-income countries) planning their own path further on in the UHC journey.


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Journal Article: Towards Universal Health Coverage: Lessons from 10 Years of Healthcare Reform in China

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