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Mentoring Experiences and Publication Productivity Among Early Career Biomedical Investigators and Trainees (Ethnicity & Disease)

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Social Determinants; Population Focus; Adult; Racial and Ethnic Groups

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Journal Article

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Summary: To identify which mentoring domains influence publication productivity among early career researchers and trainees and whether publication productivity differs between underrepresented minority (URM) and well-represented groups (WRGs). The mentoring aspects that promote publication productivity remain unclear. Advancing health equity requires a diverse workforce, yet URM trainees are less likely to publish and URM investigators are less likely to obtain federal research grants, relative to WRG counterparts.

A mentoring-focused online follow-up survey was administered to respondents of the NRMN Annual Survey who self-identified as mentees. Publications were identified from a public database and validated with participant CV data. Bivariate and multivariate analyses tested the associations of publication productivity with mentoring domains.

Findings: URM investigators and trainees had fewer publications than their WRG counterparts. Controlling for career stage and social characteristics, those who worked on funded projects, and received grant-writing or research mentorship, had a higher probability of any publications. Controlling for URM status, gender, and career stage, mentorship on grant-writing and funding was positively associated with publication count. Holding career stage, gender, and mentoring experiences constant, WRG investigators and trainees had more publications than their URM counterparts.

Grant-writing mentorship is particularly important for publication productivity. Future research should investigate whether grant-writing mentorship differentially impacts URM and WRG investigators and should investigate how and why grant-writing mentorship fosters increased publication productivity.


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Journal Article: Mentoring Experiences and Publication Productivity Among Early Career Biomedical Investigators and Trainees

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