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Data Disaggregation with American Indian/Alaska Native Population Data (Population Research and Policy Review)

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California Health Interview Survey; Barriers to/Disparities in Health Care; Survey Research; American Indian and Alaskan Native; Hispanic/Latino

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CHIS Journal Article

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Summary: More than any other racial group, American Indian/Alaska Natives (AIAN) face the risk of imprecise survey estimates due to survey processes regarding the classification, tabulation, and weighting of race/ethnicity. Variations in approaches to classifying racial and ethnic populations in federal and state health statistics have substantial implications for how health status, access to health care, health care quality, and health equity are measured. Researchers identify strategies to improve data capacity for AIAN in federal health surveys by exploring current approaches to collecting and coding of AIANs across eight population-based health surveys (seven federal surveys and the California Health Interview Survey). Researchers assess how different coding and weighting decisions affect the classification and measurement of the AIAN population by comparing single-race non-Hispanic/Latino AIAN to more expansive classifications that include not only those reporting AIAN race alone, but also individuals reporting AIAN race in combination with other races and/or in combination with Hispanic/Latino ethnicity.

Findings: Results provide insight into the reprechissentativeness of each survey on the AIAN population and researchers’ ability to draw conclusions about the health of the AIAN population and the health disparities they face. The results show considerable variation across surveys in their measurement of the AIAN population based on survey classification, tabulation, and weighting approaches.


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Journal Article: Data Disaggregation with American Indian/Alaska Native Population Data

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Related Policy Brief: Limited Access to Health Data on American Indian and Alaska Natives Impedes Population Health Insights

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