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Trust In Governments And Health Workers Low Globally, Influencing Attitudes Toward Health Information, Vaccines (Health Affairs)

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Health Care Delivery System

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Journal Article

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Summary: Trust, particularly during emergencies, is essential for effective health care delivery and health policy implementation. Authors used data from the 2018 Wellcome Global Monitor survey (comprising nationally representative samples from 144 countries) to examine levels and correlates of trust in governments and health workers and attitudes toward vaccines. 

Findings: Only one-quarter of global respondents expressed "a lot" of trust in their government (trust was more common among people with less schooling, those living in rural areas, those who were financially comfortable, and those who were older), and fewer than half of respondents globally said that they trust doctors and nurses "a lot." People’s trust in these institutions was correlated with trust in health or medical advice from them, and with more positive attitudes toward vaccines. Vaccine enthusiasm varied substantially across regions, with safety being the most common concern. Policymakers should understand that the public may have varying levels of trust in different institutions and actors. Although much attention is paid to crafting public health messages, it may be equally important, especially during a pandemic, to identify appropriate, trusted messengers to deliver those messages more effectively to different target populations.


Article 1

Journal Article: Trust In Governments And Health Workers Low Globally, Influencing Attitudes Toward Health Information, Vaccines

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Press Release: Trust in Governments and Healthcare Workers Low Globally, Influencing Attitudes on Health and Vaccines

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