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Selection, Experience, and Disadvantage: Examining Sources of Health Inequalities Among Naturalized U.S. Citizens (SSM – Population Health)

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Summary: Authors integrated major theories in immigrant health and assimilation into a single analytical framework to quantify the degrees to which demographic composition, pathways to citizenship, and socioeconomic assimilation account for physical and mental health disparities between naturalized immigrants by region of origin.

Using the restricted data from the 2015–2016 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), authors decomposed differences in physical and mental health into demographic factors, path to citizenship, and socioeconomic characteristics by region of origin using the Karlson, Holm, and Breen (KHB) method.

Findings: Differences in socioeconomic status mediated most of the disparity in physical health between naturalized immigrants from different regions. Factors associated with major immigrant health theories-demographic composition, pathways to citizenship, and socioeconomic assimilation did not mediate disparities in mental health.

This article argues that the study of health disparities among immigrants must simultaneously account for differences in demographic composition, immigration experience, and socioeconomic disadvantage. The findings also underscore the need for theory development that can better explain mental health disparities among immigrants.


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Journal Article: Selection, Experience, and Disadvantage: Examining Sources of Health Inequalities Among Naturalized U.S. Citizens

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