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AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition (AskCHIS NE) provides health estimates for California's diverse population at the local level (census tracts, zip codes and cities). With AskCHIS NE, you can get estimates on top health indicators for your zip code, city, county and legislative district!

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The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research is committed to the accessibility for all, to that end if you or someone else is having trouble accessing the information on AskCHIS NE through assistive technology please contact chis@ucla.edu and our support team will provide assistance and guidance.

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Kaiser Permanente
The California Wellness Foundation

AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition is supported by grants from Kaiser Permanente and The California Wellness Foundation.

AskCHIS NE is a product of The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

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